What We Do

Helping people know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all.

In short, we’re striving to regularly build each other up and grow each other

closer to Christ by the power of the Spirit so that we can take that same

hope and community to the people God has placed in our lives. 

At Christ the Lord, we break that Mission down into three primary areas of ministry:

Lord's Day

Our Sunday Gatherings are a time where we can come together corporately as believers, unbelievers and everywhere in between to learn more about God.

Home Groups are a great place for people at any part of their spiritual journey. Whether you're a Christian, an Atheist, or anywhere in between: our gatherings are a place for you to learn more about Christian Doctrine and to join Christ's Body in the celebration of the Gospel. 


Christian community is absolutely vital to Christian perseverance. Our home groups are a weekly reminder that we are not in this fight alone. God has given us the gift of gospel community. We are moving forward in our sanctification together, with the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ we are all learning to know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all. 

Our home groups are where we encourage one another to “hold fast the confession of our faith without wavering and where we “stir up one another to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:23-24 Paraphrased). Home groups are the place where the Word of God preached becomes the Word of God applied. This is where the rich meal of the Word of God preached on Sunday is savored, digested, and turned into fuel for the race set before us. Through weekly meals, fellowship, scripture application, accountability, mission, service, and prayer we work together to apply the gospel to every facet of our lives. 


Christ called us to be disciples who make disciples. Our discipleship groups are groups of three to four people that meet weekly to challenge and grow each other. This is where the real work is done.

In DNA all members learn basics of bible reading and study, basic doctrines, and most especially how to "gospel their own heart." We are learning how to counsel ourselves, to live by repentance and faith, how to apply the gospel to every area of life. Too often Christians believe they were done repenting at conversion and have "moved on" from the gospel. It is something we live and breathe every single day.

In DOXA, we go on to practice those principles we learned in DNA while devoting our study time to other topics or bible books.

We also offer counseling with the elders and other trained members of the congregation and are affiliated with other trusted local counselors through ACBC.