Sunday Gathering

Our Sunday Gatherings are a place where our church family comes together to spend time with one another in worship of God. During our gatherings believers, nonbelievers & everyone in between are welcome to come, worship & learn more about God, as well as the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We would love to have you join us on a Sunday.

We have a variety of classes offered at 9:00 AM for adults and students Grade 6+. Our children have their Sunday School during this hour and will be released at 10:15 to prepare to join us for worship together.

We begin worship at 10:30 AM each Sunday but would welcome you to come early to grab a cup of our in-house roasted coffee and give us a chance to meet you! 

We offer childcare for infants to 24mo during our worship service. The remainder of our children are in the pews with us learning the rhythms of Sunday worship with their family. 

What Does Service Look Like?

Our Sunday services follow what we call a liturgy. Liturgy is a pattern or order for how something is to be done. For us here at CtL, everything is about the Gospel. We want to pattern each aspect of our service around the Gospel story. We like to break that liturgy into four distinct parts:

  • Creation - We are Called to Worship through scripture & music just as we were created to do at the beginning of creation. 
  • Fall - We are Called to Confess our sin through scripture reading & song to lament our separation from God. 
  • Redemption - We hear God's word preached & take part in the communion meal to be assured of Christ's pardon for us. 
  • Restoration - Lastly we are sent through song & benediction to go and be a blessing to our communities & our city.

Kids Ministry

Kids is for ages Infant through 5th grade. 

During the 9:00 Sunday School hour.

We desire as a church to have our little ones learn the rhythms of worship alongside Mom & Dad as well as observe the saints around them. However, we also hope to foster intentional discipleship, education, and opportunities for our children to learn from other family members of the body of Christ. In order to accomplish this goal, we have all children in class during the 9:00 Sunday School hour and then release them to their families at 10:15 to join us all together for worship at 10:30. We hope this proves profitable for your family as they learn the rhythms of worship and trusting the body of Christ. 

Children can be checked in at our family ministry area, in the lower level through the gym. Pre-registering lets you go ahead and set up your family in our software so that when you arrive you can just input your phone number and quickly check in. Otherwise, you will need to stay at the kiosk and input your contact info, children, allergies, etc. 

Pre-Register Your Children

What Can I Expect?

Just as we want our adults to know, love, and obey Jesus - Our goal is to first see children meet, love, and follow Jesus!

  • We love kids and seek to share Jesus in an engaging and age-appropriate way.
  • Our teachers are passionate about loving Kids and teaching them about Jesus.
  • We strive to keep all children physically, spiritually, and emotionally safe at all times.

What Ages Do We Serve?

Our Children's classes are broken down into five rooms:

  • Babies: Infant through ~18mo
  • Toddlers: ~18mo through 3y
  • Pre-K: 3y through Pre-K
  • K-2nd grade
  • 3rd-5th grade

Students 6th grade and above are encouraged to attend our rotating Sunday School classes along with their parents.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Upon check-in, each child is given a name tag that records any allergies or other medical notes.

Parents receive a corresponding security tag that is required to pick up your child.

Every Kids worker goes through a thorough screening process before they may serve in our Family Ministry. 

This includes a faithful attendance requisite, background check, membership interview, and training.

Only R-Kids teachers and staff are allowed in the classrooms during our Sunday Service.

Pre-Register Your children