The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew presents a vivid portrayal of Jesus as the promised King, the Messiah who fulfills the Old Testament prophecies. Throughout the text, Matthew emphasizes Christ's royal lineage and divine authority, depicting Him as the ultimate king who brings the kingdom of heaven to earth. His teachings, miracles, and passion serve as a testament to His kingship, establishing a kingdom not defined by earthly power but by righteousness, justice, and love-defeating sin and death for all time.

Our Vision:

We exist to glorify God by treasuring Christ, loving his church, and giving witness to his gospel.

Our Mission:

Helping people know, love, and obey Jesus as Lord over all.

Our Distinctives

Our Distinctives are something we found to be helpful in communicating what really makes us "distinct" from other churches. It's not that other churches do not believe these same things, but these are the items we have found as a body and leadership that we major in. If you really want to know what to expect from a church and community like ours, this is what to look for. 

Check out the summaries below, or for a fuller treatment, read the long-form.

  • We believe that the Christian faith is founded upon the objective and declarative realities of Jesus and his work, as described in Holy Scripture, and that those realities are to be confessed and believed as the only normative rule for the Christian.

  • As the divinely inspired Word of God, we believe that the Scriptures are without any error and are in absolute authority over every human being whether they realize it or not. We therefore submit to it as the final authority in all matters. 

  • Our objective is to align all aspects of our lives with the teachings of the Bible, through faith and grace. At our church, you can expect to learn how to apply the teachings of Christ's Word in every facet of your life—be it emotional, mental, spiritual, social, political, relational, or physical.

  • We believe that God created men and women in the image of God and therefore absolutely equal in dignity, worth, and value. We also believe that men and women are divinely designed to be different and thus to occupy different—yet complementary—roles within the Church and the home, specifically in the areas of teaching and authority. Because of this, only men may serve as Elders at Christ the Lord. We affirm a Christlike father-rule within the home, often referred to as biblical patriarchy. And we affirm the reality that men and women are distinct in more ways than simple biology and role designations. For example: Men were created to be strong and conquer in the mission to subdue the earth as where women were created to be gentle and nurturing, bringing life and community in the mission to subdue the earth (Gen 1-3)