Who We Are

We exist to glorify God by treasuring Christ, loving his church, and giving witness to his gospel.

We desire to be a people who treasure Christ above all else, knowing that our only refuge in a world so troubled by sin and brokenness, and a world under God’s just judgment, is in God’s provision of Christ himself. We hope to be a people who desperately commune with Christ by knowing him in his word and speaking to him in prayer. Knowing that we were not created to live on our own, we desire that this church would be a generous and humble people, quick to show grace and give of themselves, always considering others better and quick to forgive.

Lastly, we know that a healthy family, as such, cannot help but move outward as a witness to the World. We desire to be a people who have compassion for the brokenhearted, poor, and abused. We long to see all of creation redeemed at the coming of Jesus and until then we will strive to bring redemption where we go by leading others to treasure Christ and find their hope in him. We desire to see this vision spread through planting new churches and encouraging existing churches to value these same truths.